Online Cylindrical Shape Pressure Tank Head and Shell Thickness Calculator

Heads are 2:1 Semi Elliptical

(Vessels are built in accordance with the requirements of the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code.)

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Outside Diameter : inch
Design Pressure : psig
Corrosion Allowance : inch
Allowable Shell Material Stress : psig
Allowable Head Material Stress : psig
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Outside Diameter: The width of the cylinder.
Design Pressure: The maximum allowable working pressure or the pressure at the safety relief valve will open.
Corrosion Allowance: The extra thickness is added to the minimum material wall thickness to compensate for the expected loss over the lifetime of the vessel.
Allowable Material Stress: The maximum allowable stress which is the tensile stress divided with 3.5 safety factor.
Min. Mat. Th. R.T.: The minimum required material thickness at Radiographic Testing level No, 3 or 2.